Five reasons to look at the G5 Benchmark

The Benchmark arrives when regulators need it most. The following five elements explain why:

  1. Regulation is changing as digital markets mature

Evidence suggests that digital development trajectories are shifting: economies in the course of digital transformation in this decade will follow a different path from those that did so earlier. The Benchmark is there to guide regulators through uncertain times – not merely to rank a country or calculate a score.

  1. Existing metrics do not tell the whole story

The Benchmark builds a shared and global perspective across all economic sectors and lays out clear regulatory tracks which ensure that digital markets thrive while achieving development goals.

  1. High-level policy design principles feature – for the first time

The Benchmark combines high-level principles and specific instruments, recognizing that fifth generation regulation is contextual, modular and multi-dimensional. Different layers of regulation are integrated to highlight the complexity of regulatory action in the digital age.

  1. Collaboration among sector/multi-sector regulators features – for the first time

As set out in the Global ICT Regulatory Outlook 2018, collaboration among institutions is an essential ingredient for regulatory relevance, coherence and impact. The Benchmark takes into account the breadth and depth of collaboration between the ICT regulator and sector-specific or multi-sector regulators.

  1. A benchmark is worth a thousand words

The Benchmark is based directly on relevant indicators, enabling policy-makers to easily evaluate regulatory set-up and tools – comparing apples with apples. It facilitates the easy modelling of one country’s digital development experience in setting out strategy and decision-making for development and regulation.