About the G5 Accelerator

Why it is needed

Fifth generation collaborative regulation – or G5 – is the desired destination point for ICT regulation worldwide. This Accelerator provides the concepts, practical guidance and examples of national approaches to collaborative regulation as well as sound metrics to help regulators navigate through the journey to the next generation of regulation.


At the highest level, the G5 Accelerator seeks to inform and educate those in the worldwide regulatory community about G5 regulation for the digital transformation – and to engage them in the journey to G5 as a destination for their regulatory regimes, laying out precise and practical steps which will help them progress.

More specifically, the objective is to offer a single platform designed:

  • To enable easy and well signposted access to high-value content
  • To facilitate user-driven navigation and engagement
  • To present content in a highly accessible, granular fashion


The audience for the ITU G5 Accelerator is the wider regulatory community worldwide, including those in industry sectors adjacent to and outside ICT – including influencers, decision-makers and policy-makers.

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